The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra – ICON [SLNT070]

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If life is a bio-cinematic experience, let the soundtrack be excellent.
ICON encapsulates work undertaken during one of the coldest winters in recent history. The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra barricaded themselves in their south studio in Rock Island, Illinois, and produced the works that only cabin fever can produce. Their north studio in Davenport, Iowa, was the site of the mixing and engineering. Fueled by warm camaraderie, banana liqueur, and the transcendent spirits of a deep winter, the Orchestra produced its first full-length album.

Cinema glory.

1. Dropping Where You Least Expect It [04:46]
2. Kurt Schwitters [05:28]
3. Three Cups [05:06]
4. A Switchback Melody [04:33]
5. Troika and Snow [03:41]
6. Cliffdweller [07:13]
7. Trucker Dream [04:10]
8. Equinox in Blue and Green [06:59]
9. Boil [08:53]
10. Maybe for Margaret [03:27]
11. Three Voices [06:04]
12. Trail Begotten [05:36]
13. The Lyme Road [06:59]