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Second Thought & Noisesurfer – Oncoming Storm [SLNT019]

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Second Thought and Noisesurfer have worked together in the past, notably on two co-produced tracks on the first Noisesurfer album. This time they come together and each offer thirty minutes of music to form a haunting album of fuzzy dark ambience. Second Thought offers up three epic drone pieces, each setting a tone in its early moments and building slowly towards a thundering climax. Noisesurfer complements these pieces with a series of dusty shoegaze ambient works, fuzzy guitars and pianos buried beneath layers of synths and unknown sounds, forming a melancholy contrast to Second Thought's sinister first half.

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Second Thought – Treatments [SLNT010]

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"Second Thought is quite a schizophrenic project with multiple personalities, and my best work has always come from reacting against my own music. After completing an album of strict compositions with distinct melodies and rhythms, I felt the need to take the opposite direction and work from a more electro-acoustic perspective, going back to audio editing. A number of sound sources are given the various 'treatments' and converted into entirely different, new pieces of music. This led to the finished EP, a series of ambient drone tracks which sound distinctly different from anything I've recorded previously."

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