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jmdkm – Mila [SLNT037]

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All tracks are being composed and arranged between 2009 and 2011, using everydaylife home- and fieldrecordings in combination with digital editing en FX in attempt to construct lyrical and soothing structures of sound. This collection came together after using these specific tracks in situations of relaxation or even meditation. In an effort to combine 3 years of focussing on soundscapes, jmdkm tried to assemble a sensitive release, although edgy in some parts, the main notion remains to poetical and somewhat soothing…

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jmdkm – Red Sea [SLNT022]

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'Red Sea' is jmdkm’s 2nd audio release and is based on electro-acoustic improvisation. jmdkm likes to present an almost soothing notion of sound. This collection tries to capture a more beat-driven gesture. The arrangements are edgy, eerie and somewhat overwhelming perhaps. The general idea is to perform and represent true ambient.

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