Angström Institute – Better Than Life [SLNT066]

The album starts with the epic title-song “Better Than Life” and brings the listener directly into the dystopic shady worlds of Angström Institute.

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North Hive – Immersion [SLNT065]

The work on the "Immersion" album started right after the release of "Cera Alba" and is a continuation of experiments with granular synthesis based on field recordings. Random generators were actively used for some of the synths to liven up and individualize the mise en scene.

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Sōzu Project – Introspection [SLNT064]

Three tracks on the path towards the introspection. Three steps into meditation… and return. An attempt to explore a minimal environment creating a contrast between extreme frequencies… quiet but sneaky and almost hostile!

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Sobria Ebrietas – Esion [SLNT063]

Following several albums, EP’s and many sonic & visual collaborations spanning through 20 years, this search asserted itself and opened out to create a unique and unclassable soundscape still true to its original quest: the love of Sound.

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Under The Complex – Pantheos [SLNT062]

Good or bad emotions... they construct us. "Pantheos" is a mixture of some experiences and feelings, translated into an unconventional musical structure, sometimes beautiful, sometimes grotesque.

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Filip Szyszkowski – Branches [SLNT061]

An empty room. Solitude mixed with drugs. Branches hit the glass.

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Wavespan & Andjru Werderitsch – Variation : Repetition [SLNT060]

A synthesis of nature and technology. Environmental soundscapes. An exploration of ancient technology (didjeridu, jaw harp, flute, harmonium, percussion) and modern technology (synthesizer, field recordings, electric guitar, electric bass, signal processing, live looping). The majority of these recordings were made during rehearsals for a performance at the Wild & Scenic Film festival (January, 2014).

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Sōzu Project – Requiem [SLNT059]

The idea of giving a soundtrack to a possible post-mortem world has always stimulated the imagination of many composers. Usually, this idea makes its way into the final part of our existence... There is no indication that tells us about the lenght of our life, so a Requiem could be the best debut. Starting from a body abandoned to the buzzing of the flies, imaging a journey of the soul through opened and bright spaces, in contrast to the dark and melancholic mortal condition.

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DR – December [SLNT058]

What would you do on cold and sleepless December nights? Probably stare in a window and think about the stuff that happened to you throughout the year. “December” is just the right thing to get you in the mood.

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Przemyslaw Pajak – Shattered Things [SLNT057]

Using effects pedals and field recordings I wanted the tracks to sound very simple and pure. The idea for that concept came up, it was clear as light, which must have something to do with the dark feelings I had before. There was something in me which wanted to use this contrast me.

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