The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra – Kenosis [SLNT076]

"Kenosis" encapsulates work undertaken through great spiritual and emotional upheaval. The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra worked in their south studio in Rock Island, Illinois to produce another work of cinematic bio-fusion. Their north studio in Davenport, Iowa, was the site of the mixing and engineering. Contemplating the nature of emptiness, the Orchestra produced its second full-length album. In order to be filled, one must first empty oneself. If life is a bio-cinematic experience, let the soundtrack be excellent. Kinoslava. Cinema glory. Tracklist: 1. Independence Day [08:53

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Angström Institute – Origin Of Ghosts [SLNT075]

Inspired by the whole Cyberpunk genre, like Neuromancer, Ghost in a Shell, Bladerunner – Angstrom Institute takes you on a journey of storytelling. It quite seems we’re already live in such utopia times... “Failed” is about the tragedy of “good” technologies also got twisted as dark technologies – building new kind of strategic weapons, based on computer programs. “Grizzleing (Tribe, Non-Radio, Radio)” is a three songs tale of manipulating the ways of life using digital communication sources. “Twilight She / #2” offers urban rituals for reproducing. “Panoptikum

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Andrew Henry – Washington [SLNT074]

Washington is Andrew Henry’s 23rd release as a solo artist and his first on Silent Flow.

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Filip Szyszkowski – Receive The Signal [SLNT073]

Receive the message. Flow the system.

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Melting Clouds – Erlkonig [SLNT072]

Welcome to the dark and mysterious forest full of supernatural creatures. Strange yet attractive beings are willing to show you their home.

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Orrorin Daydream – Like A Lioness [SLNT071]

Some visions mark our retina for long. How to advance through sometimes dark, sometimes clear paths of our memories. How can we transform the despicable souvenir into a floating and comforting strength.

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The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra – ICON [SLNT070]

If life is a bio-cinematic experience, let the soundtrack be excellent.

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Matthew VandenBrook – At Night / Breathe [SLNT069]

At night I cannot sleep. Haven’t in years. Breathe. Breathe. Eventually sleep will come.

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Nirgoona Project – Aloft [SLNT068]

"Aloft" will be your very special moment for relax in evening or night.

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DR – Fernweh [SLNT067]

"I am again in a mood to break out and search a place or way to be myself, and live my life."

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