Bezdna Radio Essentials 005 [BRE005]

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BRE005 is a worthy continuation of the collection. Bit more dynamical than previous ones, nevertheless deep in its essence.
Astrowind’s Autumn Drifting became the first ‘Silent Flow Exclusive’ track which later triggered a new branch of SF actvity: artist-oriented albums and singles – the ‘SLNTs’.

01. Ryko – Swimming Places [Retrospektiv EP, alw028]
02. Null Tripp – Sommi Rahaa [Odav Tekno, bump101]
03. Aeterna – Continuous Building [Initiation, prozent003]
04. Krill.minima – Projektor [Urlaub Auf Balkonien, thn098]
05. Tetarise – Boundless [Amour & Psyche, ave002]
06. Northvia – Dragqueens [Venice, lostchildren061]
07. Monokle – Warm Control [Tesaurus LP, id.053]
08. Mikael Fyrek – The smaller oranges and yellows [In Riots of Color They Spin, kahvi221]
09. Astrowind – Autumn Drifting [Bezdna Radio Essentials, bre005]
10. Brunk – Laika’s View [Winter EP, rb055]
11. Nature of Light – A Familiar Wasteland [Atropos, wh114]
12. Op.9 – H. 6.54 [Op.9, mix03]