Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry is an electronic, ambient, and experimental artist based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

His music crosses multiple disciplines of electronica, but all of his work retains an atmospheric texture influenced by soundscapes, film scores, and choral music. Andrew began making music in 2011, and initiated a consistent output of self-releases in 2012. Andrew is also one half of the rock and roll duo The Pinheads, and has recently performed on and recorded drums for (exitpost) (Kenneth Herman) and Bay Kee (Christine Spilka).


Anton Gribkov & Double Bass
“Pseudo-electronic character type, playing Jimmy Hendrix on double-bass” (“Afisha” magazine, 2005).
Anton spent his childhood near the spaceship launching pad of Baikonur. It was the most powerful impression for creating and playing music in his original way. Fans know that Anton Gribkov’s style is using double bass like electro-guitar and more! In his portfolio are solo concertos in Moscow clubs “Bunker”, “Chinese Pilot Jao Da”, “The Edge”, “The Third Way” and Saint-Petersburg clubs “Purga”, “ESG-21”, “Griboedov”. He is an ex-leader of a remarkable trio “Magrib” and a duet “Yaldash-Ventilator”. Anton played during avant-garde festivals or fashion-weeks and at art-performances or night-clubs parties while still being a successful chamber musician in acoustic halls.


Alister Flint
Bought his first “synth” in the mid-90s, a Yamaha PSR500, which was more an arranger rather than really a synthetiser, Alister stepped into the world of eletronic music after having been heavily influenced by key albums such as Tangerine Dream’s Stratosfear or Rubycon , as well as having performed as a techno DJ in free parties in southern France. Late 90s, he bought his first computer equiped with a 16bit soundcard and started to track his first electronic tunes on Fast Tracker, which is more like programming rather than any real play, using all kinds of codes to iunput notes, effects and such. But most of his production at time was techno / trance oriented.
Shortly after 2000, the release of a revolutionary daw, Reason, opened a much wider scope of genres and styles, and he started to produce more downtempo, chilled out, groove-based pieces. And it was also the birth of his very humble home studio, with a Yamaha P-80 piano, and a semi-pro Creamware soundcard. With the additions of congas, derbekehh, and more recently, Korg nanoSeries as portable studio, he started to produce and performe live some experimental and ambient pieces.
He has done a few collaborations with musicians such as C. Vaisvil in various genres, and opened to all kinds of genres, and artforms, with an expanding interest for microtonal music.


Aphotic Starfield
Aphotic Starfield started as in the summer of 2011 in an attempt to create a unique one-of-a-kind style.
Taking influences from ambient, post-rock, shoegaze, and noise, AS combined elements from many different styles and created the debut album “Illumination In D-Minor”. Aphotic Starfield’s main influences are Hammock, Altus, and Kevin Drumm.


BeatLove started in 2009 with the union of Benjamin and Myriam. Both are influenced by hiphop, r&b, rock music. Later they decide to expand their sound horizons to downtempo, idm and electronica. “Heart & Machine” is the third BeatLove’s release preceded by “Two” and “Dancing Flowers”


Bleak House
The staff of Bleak House were first engaged in 2001. Amongst their number are Luke Sample (electric guitars, keyboards), Andy Brain (piano, acoustic guitars, keyboards) and Robert Follen (drums, violin, toys). They are often busy with their other creative pursuits as Keshco, to which this may be deemed the sepia-tinged sister. Bleak House recording usually takes place once a year in Exmouth, England, and if you listen carefully you may hear seagulls amidst the shadows.


Clayton Alpha
Clayton Alpha has been experimenting with minimal and soundscape sounds for a few years but it had never occured to release until 2011. It was then that he decided to use the name ‘Clayton Alpha’ for everything he is involved in and began to write music mostly inspired by & composed for films.
Contact t.b.d.
Contact t.b.d. is a musical project of Jan Kees Helms. Jan is an artist living and working in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. He makes art by photography, video, sounds and performances.


DR (Dominic Razlaff) is an Electronica & Ambient musician from Braunschweig, Germany. Uses Synthesizers, Field Recordings, Tape Loops & some digital Effects to create Melancholy, Deep, Ambient / Drone Soundscapes.


Diego Masarotti (Dyb) was born in Monte Maiz, Province of Cordoba, Argentina. Dyb project is his first serious work as composer. His genres are ambient, drone, electronica, classical music and soundtracks.

facebook page

Engraved Memories
Engraved Memories is a textural-dreamscaping ambient project formed in 2012 by two french musicians Julian Julien (knowed for his contribution to several soundtracks, jazz-rock performer and leader of the band Fractal) and Philippe Blache (session musician who provided several materials in collaboration inside and outside of visual-art movements, founder of the project Day Before Us). Engraved Memories can be appreciated as a reunion of two musical sensibilities and as a corpus of sound experiments and free-form improvs.


Eric Jackson
Born in USA, Eric Jackson grew up around music. Throughout his teenage years and early twenties, he had played guitar in various metal and rock bands. After composing music on his own for sometime and finishing a metal album in 2009, he slowly became enchanted by the ambient genre and various soundscapes and drones. After studying Just Intonation with pioneer Jon Catler in 2011, Eric finally had the tools needed to embrace ambient soundscapes. He’s left all other musical genres behind to pursue ambience, drones, and soundscapes.


Esc. Laboratory
The independent motor-music-monster-machine of Alexander Seewald a.k.a. ”Doc.AtmosfearCrush” (research + manipulation), Tobias Krämer a.k.a. “Tomahawk” (guitar + healing), Marco Müller a.k.a. “theMachete” (electro + punk) and the designer Harry Seifert a.k.a. “theHarlequin” (design + fury) – form the pulsating heart of [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms.
The Project-Studio is hosted in the cellar of the Art Factory / Worms, an old industrial building of concrete and steel. Since 1979 it has been a place for alternative art and living.
Every piece of music is a recorded inspiration, moments reflected by the location`s very own social environment of converted architecture and heretic structure.
The characteristic sound of [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms is generated by the use of strange instruments made of alien insect bodies and strongly recomended digital manipulations and de-synthesis. An amount of excessive rituals gives birth to the music that had whispered all the time – from the grains of noise – upon our ears. Now, reconfigured in a very sonic way. Further live-jams evolve the bits until they`ve reached the destination of the data storage.
The drifting act between the conceptional live-performances and the creative chaos of the studio-sessions brings the dynamic colour and the driving force. At legendary sessions celebrated in the the studio, [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms got re-enforced by Steffen K. a.k.a. “DD-380” (bass + armageddon).
Constantly, our skeleton androids drive all our uninvited guests to get involved, too.
After the ghost dance, Doc.AtmosfearCrush touches the tapes with his sophisticated hands and manipulates their magnetic structure by the use of archaic occult methods – not further mentioned.
The massive output is representing the different split-personalities, hosted by [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms.
Beside the continuety of live performances at exhibitions, composing music for theatre and film – also the recording, sound design and the production of other artists got realised.
A pantheon of project-based albums, compilations and remixes got released by the support of many extravagant netlabels and hostaged artists, as well as some exclusive releases on Vinyl, CD and strictly limited authentic art-collector`s CDs.
Get connected to the phantastic sound of [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms.


Ethidium Imply
Ethidium Imply is the culmination of many years of collaboration in a world of sound, with himself and above all with the outside world.The first songs composed on sheet of paper at 1995. The remainder only one man project of Jaroslaw Jakub Tarasiuk directed to avantgarde musical creation, which hardly would like to assign to specific genres.
Many years spent in a shadow, hidden in the underground scene trying many different styles to develop a solid compositional manufactory. His an extreme individualist, not seeking “to like him”; seeks to include in their productions fundamental basis, which is traced in vain in the currents contemporary. Creates a variety of marks under the influences of perception, most importantly to make up the harmonious integrity of the emotional.
The part of Eth-I project are imaginary fancies of himself creator’s and therefore we can observe the extreme variety of arrangements, sections harmonic tones per se or in itself. He loves a multilevel design structures to encourage a deep thoughts. Sometimes from his production feel an experimental type of schizophrenia but what more we can expect from a guy who for many, many years made almost everything…
Over the world of sounds he’s a simply citizen, lawyer and philosopher


In Vitro
Since 2006 releases original music, mixes and remixes on several netlabels around the world directly from Mexico. Interested in many forms of sound, he has exercised on radio, djing, sound design for theater and live performance. Is the founder of Netlabels & News and Breathe Compilations; yosoyunotrotu is his another collaborative project.


Inner Place
“Inner Place” is an ambient music project from Iran. It’s the third music project of IX which was started in 2011. Other IX’s side projects are “Alphaxone”, “Spuntic”, “Monolith Cycle”.

jmdkm has been active in the arts since 1994, particularly in painting, photography and sound. He has been in a self-centered experimenting mode which has possibly gone into a naive approach.

This is related not only in lacking an academic context, but especially with the presence of ‘a hysterical purpose’ of creating and re-arranging. The emphasis always lies on collage, the material is being fragmented and re-arranged.

jmdkm is trying to find a line of purely structural forms in a grotesque but systematic artistic perception.

jmdkm is trying to create lyrical archetypes.


The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra
The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra is a trio of musicians who create soundtracks – soundtracks for the bio-cinematic experience of living in the modern age. The themes are timeless, and yet the music goes to places yet unexplored. Combining the best of organic and electronic instruments, their palette provides a wide spectrum of sounds, centering in the somewhat darker regions of the ambient genre.

Sergei Czerewko was born in Australia of Ukrainian and Belorussian extraction, and has trained on violin and mandolin since his tender youth. When not dreaming of budgies and tending to his tomato patch, he delves deeply into the dark and progressive ambient genre.

Thomas Wakeland is a native of Rock Island, Illinois, and has devoted his life to the the pursuit of musical excellence. An accomplished bassist, he tempers his musical drive with hard work and devotion to family and recreational pursuits.

Tom Janikowski plays guitar and keyboard and stands in the flames before the altar.


Kosta T
Konstantin Trokay is a russian musician mainly into baroque, classic, contemporary, trip-hop music. Violin is his way to express his particular point of view.


Kriipis Tulo & Space Contour
Creative work of Kriipis Tulo and Space Contour duo is original audio collage with the elements of comical in sounds that are surrounding us in daily occurrence. – “We are the same with you, we are living, breathing, walking, talking, and, the most important, – we try to listen to world around us closely, it’s really alive! It’s 100000 times more interesting than all this electronic with all super programming, software, that is making you stupid and dsp processing. No, we are not against the development of the engineering, contrary, we are for it …but….we have our personal vision of the world around us, that’s it.” Some unexpected things are appearing all the time, just to audio parody them in some way – yes, this duo is original parody to the world, that is around all of us, the audio-visual world, that you can’t touch, you can only see or hear it. It’s the cheerful parody on you and us, of course … you see – the real art is when you can recognize something related to you in it, yourself – and you are trying to change yourself to the best, isn’t it…”

Kriipis Tulo
Space Contour

Kirill Zverev’s audio journey starts with the purchase of soviet synth “Электроника ЭМ-25” in 1994. Approximately the same time he started playing synth-pop in a band called “Электроника” together with Ilya Abramov and Sergey Golovin. In this period Kirill gained priceless audio experience and started developing his own style: lush ambient, chillout and lounge. Also house, trance, electropop, dance and other style could be found in Kirill’s tracks.
Project “LastEDEN” was launched in 2003 and was named so because of its calm, pacifying, spiritually harmonic music style. Kirill’s next step is extension and completion of the “One” album.


Lingua Lustra
Lingua Lustra is Albert Borkent from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Based in Holland and spending two years in England, Al’s musical activities span over the last 20 years. Being inspired by the likes of Tangerine Dream and Arvo Part among others, Al’s first group was Tookay as a singer and keyboardist of this four piece band, performing their own original material. Numerous bands followed, with Albert doing lead vocals, synths, or both. After attending and dropping artschool midway, Albert was singing and playing keys in a series of new wave and experimental groups, a seven piece band called Tingalumi and a squatgroup called MOV to name a few, doing liveshows and studio recordings. After a long period of jamming and try outs Al started an ambient project called QAT, releasing mostly cassettes. This period of ambient experimentation and experience gave direction to the simultaneous release of two ambient albums as Lingua Lustra on Dutch label Practising Nature. In 2009 his third album Extramunda appears on Databloem records, a collection of further evolved Lingua Lustra tracks. During that year Al also gets in touch with Arash Atman from Electronic Soundscapes, the start of a long standing cooperation. Sol’s Astroman is first released, later Sol Tek – Satellites and Lightscapes I & II follow. In 2010 Al joins the Cloudcycle collective, and Ijatevuvun and Analog Grotto Mutations see the light, two high quality Lingua Lustra albums on Cloudcycle’s Bakshish Music. The summer of that year brings a memorable presence of Cloudcycle at the biannual Boom gathering in Portugal, closing off the festival. In 2011 Lingua Lustra’s Triquetra is released on Databloem, and Al teams up with Alireza Zaifnejad aka BlueBliss to start their own label Spiritech Records, expanding quickly, with new artists being signed and live appearances to follow.


Mahi Bukimi
2000 introduced musician to the soviet era analog synthesizers and endless improvisations on piano….. 2001-2003 were the years of creating and developing the sound studio at media laboratory of the Culture and Information centre ‘K@2’ at Liepaja, LV. It was a time of making music for performances and films. A lot of audio-visual workshops took a place at Medialab.

Interest for the elements of classical music, played on strings and piano through the digital processing effects, also appeared there, as well as many other experimental ideas.

An interactive sound exhibition (actually first in Latvia) at the Contemporary Arts gallery ‘K.Maxla’, Liepaja (2003) – had the idea to analyse the information in the objects around us. This experiment followed the creative friendship with Derek Holzer (NL) – a partner for the trips into the ‘Zona’ at 2001-2003, ( Than, Mahi Bukimi was an artist of the ‘Kolka music’ label for some time (‘Yoshio Mashida meets Kolka music artists’, ‘Sound Forest’, ‘Microstraava’, ‘2 Annas’).

Since 2006 collaborating with Kriipis Tulo as the Astrowind project ( At spring 2007 the first EP of Astrowind was released by the russian netlable Electrosound. During 2007-2009 Astrowind released 6 more albums on such a labels as Resting Bell, 12rec, Silent Flow and Musica Excentrica, participating in a different compilations as well. In spring 2008 together with Kriipis Tulo the soundtrack to the ‘Dreamers’, a new exhibition of popular Latvian painter Ritums Ivanovs, was presented at the ‘Riga Gallery’. V/A ‘In Memoriam Andrey Tarkovsky’ LP [EXC015] was released by Musica Excentrica in 2008, Astrowind took a part there with ‘Autumn Drifting’. The album ‘Kurland’ [RB074] is currently the latest work on this project.


Matthew VandenBrook
Matthew VandenBrook was born in metropolitan Detroit in 1972, just in time to witness the environment around him begin to rust away. Gone was the magic of Motown. Factories closed, people moved. Such was life. As a child of the seventies he listened closely to his parents record collection but found very little that connected spiritually with him until the day he discovered his parents soundtracks to the films 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris by Andrey Tarkovsky. The drones that washed over those albums spoke directly to his soul and stirred a lifelong obsession for music that was electronic in nature. Then when Matthew discovered post punk mtv in the early 80’s there was absolutely no doubt that music would play a central role in his life.
In 1991 Matthew purchased his first sampler / synthesizer (a Casio FZ1 which he still owns) and immediately set to work programming industrial and noise works. After a short time in a local Goth band Matthew returned to the world of electronic music and began producing industrial and electronica works. By the early 2000’s electronica has lost much of its luster and Matthew began sliding to the periphery once again, furthering his musical exploration within the worlds of noise, drone, ambient, and experimental


Musician, radio DJ and journalist from Moldova. Between 1994 and 2003 author of programs on electronic music on the national radiostation of Moldova, including programs “Techno Mix” and “Zona De Limita”. Since 1994 author of numerous articles in the local press, in publications Saptamina, Democratia, Sud-Est Cultural and Contrafort. Currently working for magazine Sud-Est Cultural and sustaining a permanent header in magazine Contrafort. Has a particular interest for Indian spirituality, most notably the Advaita Vedanta doctrine and the works of Sri Aurobindo. Music released on international labels and broadcasted on more than 20 international radiostations.


Melting Clouds
Melting Clouds are trying not to limit themselves to any particular genre or style while constantly transforming. The reason is that the music they play goes beyond the threshold of ‘just music’, it has its own visual characters and philosophy which are entangled with other areas of art blurring the lines and united under the flag of Melting Clouds. As a result, one of the main goals is consolidation and synthesis of both musical palettes and various forms of art in order to create new vision of the process of creation. Also, one of the goals is to cooperate with people who have fresh ideas and the willingness to cooperate.


Monolith Cycle
Monolith Cycle is IX ‘s ambient soundscape project founded in 2011. IX, a talanted artist from Iran has been experimenting with sound for a while in in his other musical projects. His alter-egos are: Alphaxone, Spuntic, Inner Place, Altitude-X.


Nat Wesley (Natbird) is an American producer. Prior to his work in electronic music, he worked as a studio musician and live musician for various local artists. After developing a fascination with electronic genres, he went solo, first making his music with hardware, then switching to digital audio workstations. In 2012, he founded Morning Hour Records, an independent netlabel for electronic music, and has been producing for other artists.


Nirgoona Project
Arthur Galstyan (Nirgoona Project a.k.a. CJ Paramatma a.k.a. The Preacher) liked music since his childhood. In 1998 Arthur starts DJ-ing. In 2002-2004 takes a part in organization of rave parties and international festivals of electronic music together with Hardskull & Liquid Moon in Armenia. After moving in South of Russia, he started producing his tracks and has become the resident of local chill out and lounge bars.
Music production is the main thing in Arthur’s life. Synthesis of psychedelic trance kick and bass is essential. Ambient and Chill Out are expression of his another soul’s side – it’s deep, mental and atmospheric. Production always based on experiments, psychedelic and personal sound synthesis.
Arthur’s musical taste is very diverse. It can be signed with two tracks: “Astral Projection – Prophecy” and “Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy”.
North Hive
North Hive – is an electro-acoustic project, founded in May 2012 in Saint-Petersburg. At the beginning, the basic idea around which all the experiments with sound and space unfolded – was the
creation of sound landscapes of ‘artificial nature’. As a result, “Cera Alba” album was born. In this album we actively use the granular synthesis based on field recordings and delay effects.
At the moment, North Hive is working at the promotion of the sound sculpture concept. In the opinion of authors of the project, this genre should let sound art get maximally close to fine arts.


Croatian musician and producer real name Robert Selimovic has been contributing to domestic electronic scene since early 90’. Composing music for theatrical performance “R.U.R” 1992. , turn out to break point in his musical expression involving more soothing electronic sounds in his music. Since then he recorded enormous number of solo and collaborative tracks of widely quality and electronic genres both under his own name and various other project monikers, most recognizable music is signed like “NuLix”. Currently involved in “groovecaffe” netlabel (founder), promoting new talented artists from domestic and world electronic scene.


16 year old multi-genre producer born in Christchurch, New Zealand. Coming from a musical background mostly set in blues I ended up creating grindcore in my room when I was about 14, from there I moved on to creating some dark ambient and drum & bass, from then on the I spread into many different genres including hip-hop, glitch, ambient, witch-house, digital hardcore, breakcore, noise, chillout and many other forms of experimental music.
Makis was born in 1983 (Greece). In 2006-07 started composing music under the alias “Z-Axis”. Released various demos on the net and contributed in a compilation released on a netlabel. In 2008 changed his alias into “Operator” and started with “Silent Steps Down An Empty Corridor” EP.


Przemyslaw Pajak
Przemyslaw Pajak (Polish) based in UK. Technology languages user. Started experimenting with acoustic sound. Today it’s cold, powerful and noisy ambient expressed in the darkest colors, mainly dark ambient. His sound drives to be thought as vast abstract landscapes painted with sound of fear. He is inspired by artists like Kreng, Raime and Atrium Carceri.


Robert Farrugia
Robert Farrugia (born, 30th November 1994) is an Ambient / Experimental / Neo-classical artist from Malta, Europe.

His work is mainly influenced on the styles of Hammock, Olafur Arnalds, Stars of the Lid and Brian Eno. His works are based mainly on vast Soundscapes integrated with piano tracks and to a certain extent, voiceover samples.

All of Robert Farrugia’s material is completely home recorded. One can see that a minimalistic approach in his music is certainly prominent, ultimately creating rather soothing and extensive soundscapes. Methods of productivity in his music result in a certain set of distinct sounds, creating a rather unparticular and unexampled identity.


Second Thought
Working for the best part of a decade on various musical projects, Second Thought is the musical voice of Ross Baker, a twenty-something producer from somewhere in the United Kingdom. The project started as a techno duo in 1999, but when founding member Dale Clarke left after a year, Ross began to deconstruct and fragment the sound with each successive recording. Second Thought’s music now ranges from abstract ambient to string quartet compositions, lo-fi pop songs and lush sound collages.


Sobria Ebrietas
Sobria Ebrietas was born around 1995-1996 as a side-project to my former band Absolutely Curtains, and became permanent after its split in 1999.
From the outset, this project aimed at a research on sound, without any other goal than the creation of a specific visual feeling and the wish to generate a dark, powerful and captivating mark.


Sōzu Project
Sōzu project is Paolo Mascolini, born in 1967 in Ferrara (Italy).
Studied Art at the Institute of Art in Ferrara and at the Academy of Fine Art in Bologna obtaining his degree in 1991. Paolo researched in contemporary Art since 1992 and exhibited his works in several places in Italy and abroad. He is currently collaborating with the group AMAE founded in 2001 with another artist who is currently living in London.

“I’ve always intended the sound and music as something very close and important to me.
Probably I believe in that more than in visual art and it’s very hard to see these two languages separated.
I’ve never been able of living every single moment of my life without thinking of a soundtrack for that.
From 2001 I’m improving my attitude in the field of composing electronic/ambient music.“

Dark Ambient, Melancholic, Isolationism are his main genres.
Recently Paolo started a group on Souncloud where he invites other artists to give sounds to the images he uploads on the group page monthly.


Tapage & Rick de Greef – Outercloser Part Two
Both R. de Greef and T.Ham have been exploring the vast possibilities of sound manipulation for years. Eventually they got in touch through a similar broad view in music and decided to collaborate on what turned out to be an moody and atmospheric set of ambient tracks. Two tracks already appeared on the Fools Forest label a few years back. Since then both Rick and Tijs worked on various other projects but now they return for a four track sequel to Outercloser Part I.

Russian CJ, born in 1987 in Kursk (Russia). He was surrounded by music from early childhood. In 2000-2002 starts experimenting with trance. In 2003 tries different sequencers, programming synthesizers, tries to create his own sound. In 2006 releases all his early works under alias “Yevgen”. Later tries himself as a remixer on an electronic music site. As a result 3 remixes where released.
“Yevgen” becomes “Tetarise” in 2008. Tetarise doesn’t have a specific genre. It’s mostly trance (melodic, progressive, psychedelic), although chillout and ambient parts can be also found. Inspired by BT, Jirah, Shulman, Tetarise starts writing beautiful atmospheric music, light and aery trance, accompanied by rough techno rythms or melancholic chillout.


Under The Complex
Under The Complex is a project Led by its only member Hilario Junior. He was born in 1996, and studied for some years keyboard and electric guitar. In 2013, after some experience with DAWs and music production, he began to experiment sonic textures and musical writting. This way led to his first release, Pantheos. His influences are Year of No Light, Arcturus, Atoma, Silent Whale Becomes a Dream, Hammock, Awaken the Echoes, Aquilus, among others.

Wavespan & Andjru Werderitsch
Wavespan (Phil Garrison) and Andjru Werderitsch began their sonic explorations in November of 2013. Andjru has performed on percussion and Didjeridu for television, theatre and numerous international artists including Suzanne Teng and Mystic Journey, Craig Kohland and Shamans Dream, Yuval Ron, and The Open Door Orchestra. Wavespan has been an active part of the Netlabel music scene since early 2006, and has released a steady stream of albums, singles, collaborations and remixes. Phil’s ambient electronic soundscapes, explorative bass and processed field-recordings provide an ideal backdrop for Andjru’s tribal percussion grooves and rhythmic Didjeridu phrasing, creating immersive environments of sound.

Wavespan bandcamp
Wavespan facebook/wavespan
Andjru Werderitsch website

Whispering Souls
“I had been writing music for many years, when I discovered electronic music. I found a whole new world for my ideas and the sounds within my head, I wanted to combine as many influences and genres of music, all together in one pot of musical wealth. I am influenced by film music, electronica and everything around me. I have been making music under different guises for the past 10 years, my other acts are The Calm Project and Subject B.”