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Onichomp – 86ES [SLNT043]

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Onichomp’s first ambient release, first time trying to put a decent amount of emotion into the sound. This EP mainly concentrates on the sound of depression and emptiness, or sometimes just the feeling that your mask of sanity may slowly be slipping away.

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Bezdna Radio Essentials 027 [BRE027]

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Ever wondered how it is like to be at the top of the mountain and deep underwater at the same time?

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Tetarise – To The Undercover Dimension [SLNT042]

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After everyday rush and endless weekdays I usually have a feeling that reality is seeming, unreal. The real me lives far away in a parallel world. I walk the grassy slopes there, I swim among the waves of turquoise sea, I fly over snow-white mountains. And each times elusive music accompanies me. It's like a key which helps me to unlock the door to the over world.

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