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Alister Flint – Alter Nativis [SLNT027]

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Alter Nativis speaks of alternative worlds, other origins. Such as our inner and oneiric realms as well as worlds million kilometers away. But maybe most important, it is a gathering of musical snapshots, taken at random times, through various windows, while looking at some of these alternatives.

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Monolith Cycle – Points of Aberrant [SLNT026]

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'Points of Aberrant' is a fresh view on traditional ambient. Deep and silky sound fills the space with the memories from the past, leaving the listener alone with his thoughts in beautiful abandoned places. The worst part of this trip is coming back to reality when it all ends.

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Bezdna Radio Essentials 024 [BRE024]

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As the autumn weather changes so does the sound flows through the mind leaving microdepressive thoughts. Enjoy the moment.

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