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Tetarise – Wide Contemplation [SLNT023]

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The warm wind caresses me, as I smile in return to bright morning sun and greet the new dawn. Dewdrops scattered silver all over the hillsides. The horison attracts like a loving mother, making a promise that all we be well. And I believe him with my heart and soul. The thoughts are far-away, there’s only joy of living. I have to be there…

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jmdkm – Red Sea [SLNT022]

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'Red Sea' is jmdkm’s 2nd audio release and is based on electro-acoustic improvisation. jmdkm likes to present an almost soothing notion of sound. This collection tries to capture a more beat-driven gesture. The arrangements are edgy, eerie and somewhat overwhelming perhaps. The general idea is to perform and represent true ambient.

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