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LastEDEN – Sense of Peace [SLNT020]

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“Sense of Peace” is a fine combination of instrumental sound in ambient – chillout format. The release is permeated with a romantic mood and invites the listener to dive into the ocean of calmness and serenity. Project’s name totally corresponds the content and depicts scenes of lost and, probably, last Garden of Eden.

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Bezdna Radio Essentials 020 [BRE020]

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01. Outring - Hush [Second Dive [dplm17]] 02. Midnight JJ - Sundown [various compilation 03 [L&C 20]] 03. Optic - 003 [Thoughts & Loops [L&C 19]] 04. Parametric - V [Eth Cubing Welt 0.2 [Foundamental Network 005]] 05. Final Light - Floating on a Cloud [Further Than You Think [[LostChildren081]] 06. Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - The World Is a Deaf Machine [Sleepmakeswaves / Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving Split [LostChildren077]] 07. Go Home Robot - Candles and Bombs [Candles and Bombs] 08. Monokle & Galun - Long [In Frame] 09. Hellas Mounds - Movement II [The Silent Ballet: Volume 15 [LostChildren082]] 10. Interior Disposition - Indomitus [Therapy [STC-009]] 11. Maps and Diagrams - The World and You [The Giant Woods [YkYk019]] 12. Nigul - L'escola [Maya [AT026]] 13. Alinoe - Hllu [Lez [foot122]] 14. Clouds in My Home - In Out [White Blue Black [pass002]]

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