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Bezdna Radio Essentials 015 [BRE015]

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01. Rhea Project - Tonelove [Autumnesteria, ave010] 02. Roman Slavka - Move/Nature [Some Different Works, tube 180] 03. Auto-Pilot - Dream [Ocearina/Dreaming Real Things, cd-r 2124] 04. Josh Winiberg - Cave [Game Over, kreislauf 081] 05. Gore Commando - Rest in Pieces [Let the Dead Lie, nnnl.25] 06. The Falling Sun - Imagine [Away from Home EP] 07. Slow - Miracle [Dual Box, rb071] 08. Float - Timeless Hour [The Healer, bp048] 09. Andrea Scevola (Ornitology) - Two Gray Lines [The Others Are Dead, You Can Go Home] 10. Stanislav Rubyteno - Icarus [My Dreams Are Clouds, ave001] 11. Synaptic Necropolis - Spiral Disruption (SN-Spiral Path) [Scintillation, ave009] 12. Inger on the Rock - Andaheimur [Heimkoma, elpa014] 13. Astral Light - Orion [Orion, plague036] 14. Astrowind - October [Kurland, rb074]

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Kriipis Tulo & Space Contour – Trip in the Mushroom Forest [SLNT008]

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"It's like the inside of a circuit board singing its way toward the heavens. Cavernous and dark. These will prod at your brain before finally detonating. One might call Tulo/Contour - the soundtrackers to the dissolution of an empire."

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