Angström Institute – Musiq Extrem [SLNT082]

Doc. AtmosfearCrush continues to push the borders of electronic music.

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DR – Sketches [SLNT081]

Another lost fight with insomnia.

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Matthew VandenBrook – In The Distance [SLNT080]

In the distance one can hear thunder Systematic, obnoxious, threatening. In the distance one can see lightning Slight, beautiful, full of promise.

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North Hive & Tile Shore – Homeworld [SLNT079]

Homeworld is a symmetry of soundscapes, a scene from two different point of views, a double journey experience.

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Robert Farrugia – They Glistened Sharply Through Morning Dew [SLNT078]

A Neo-classical influence is woven throughout Robert Farrugia’s work, and in this particular release one can find an array of elements ranging from ringing piano tones and soothing timbres.

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Whispering Souls – Petrichor [SLNT077]

Whispering Souls is a mixture of Orchestral and electronic music, taking influence from artists such as Bjork, Amon Tobin, Hans Zimmer and Saltillo.

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The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra – Kenosis [SLNT076]

"Kenosis" encapsulates work undertaken through great spiritual and emotional upheaval. The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra worked in their south studio in Ro

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Angström Institute – Origin Of Ghosts [SLNT075]

Inspired by the whole Cyberpunk genre, like Neuromancer, Ghost in a Shell, Bladerunner – Angstrom Institute takes you on a journey of storytelling. I

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Andrew Henry – Washington [SLNT074]

Washington is Andrew Henry’s 23rd release as a solo artist and his first on Silent Flow.

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Filip Szyszkowski – Receive The Signal [SLNT073]

Receive the message. Flow the system.

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